Who is 1TB VPS?

1TB VPS was inspired by the Japanese ideal of Kaizen: Do one thing well, and work continuously to perfect it. With that goal in mind, we set out to perfect a high-storage VPS platform. We felt that this focus was sorely needed in the hosting industry. A focus on the product and a focus on you, the customer.

1TB VPS is run by a small team of highly motivated system administrators. Learn a bit about the founders below:

Gabriel Ramuglia

Gabriel has run some of the most heavily trafficked websites on the Internet. This expertise with server scalability and efficiency greatly benefits 1TB VPS customers. As a founder of dedicated host IOFlood and massively popular web proxy Vtunnel, Gabriel has over 10 years of experience with Linux servers.

Justin Hendryx

Specialized in virtualization and infrastructure resiliency, Justin has been in the hosting industry for five years with experience in coordinating and developing IaaS solutions with reliability, performance, and affordability as paramount objectives.

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